Lucrative Ways to Generate Income In The World of Web Hosting

The internet is filled with numerous avenues for all types of people to make a comfortable income. One such avenue is web hosting. It is easy and does not require a lot of capital money. You need to have a computer with a huge space, as well as hire a reliable service provider with fast internet speeds.

With these in place, you can start making money from web hosting. Start with picking the hosting services you would like to offer your clients; cloud hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting. Now you are ready to venture deep into the world of hosting. The following are some of the ways you can make a lucrative income from hosting.

Reselling hosting spaces

Most people prefer this medium of making hosting money since it does not require lots of technical know-how. All you’ll need to do is purchase some space and bandwidth from a reliable hosting service provider and resell to your clients at a certain fee. A bandwidth of 10Mps can host up to 1000 clients. It will take some incredible marketing techniques to fill the space. However, once you have them locked in, you can get some good money.

The secret to success here is to make sure your clients make timely payments so you too can pay your hosting service provider, so your operations are not discontinued.

Site building and domain name registration

Most people do not have any idea how to build their websites. You can ease their headaches by doing the building for them at a fee. To make your offer even more attractive, you can register their domain names free of charge. This will take away the hassle of registering through other mediums. You will also be providing your clients with a great opportunity to get everything under one roof. Therefore, in case they need some upgrades or updates, your services will be a one-stop-shop for them.

Buy a domain name and resell it

Reselling domain names is another way you can make a good income from web hosting. You may not make a huge amount of money overnight, but with persistence, you will eventually be able to live comfortably from domain reselling (or flipping).

Here, web hosts look for valuable domain name examples they can buy and resell. If this is how you want to make your web hosting money, ensure the name is generic, short and a Top Level Domain (TLD). Minimal effort is put into marketing such a domain. It practically sells itself.


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